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YAZ GAME FEST 2021 – Tüm Dünya Prömiyeri Fragmanları (E3 2021)


Yaz Game Fest 2021’in Tüm Dünya Prömiyeri Fragmanları. 00:00 Geri 4 Blood 00:45 Death Stranding Director’s Cut 03:31 Elden Ring 06:27 Jurassic World … .

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  1. Basically the only interesting things are Tales of arise which itself looks quite generic and the tactics game, rest is more of the same and boring.

  2. all of these look like generic games they'd make up for a tv show
    not necessarily a bad thing but maybe a little disappointing. hopefully blood hunt is good, ik a lot of people been waiting for that

  3. tribes of midgard is a fucking fart joke. black woman white woman and a brute. yeah. in vikings setting. Developers just don't learn anything and are driven by agenda. Hope, agenda will buy their crap. Because i won't.

  4. How bout we bring back some classic app, SSX Tricky Remake, Parappa the Rapper 3, Ridge Racer 8, Ape Escape 4, Dance Dance Revolution A20/Dance Masters, Wangan Maximum Tune. Anyone? 😕

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