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World of Pets – ÜCRETSİZ oyun sürümü NİSAN 2021 resmi fragmanı daha fazla bilgi ve test aşamasında Founder’s Pack Now’ı satın almak için adresini ziyaret edin.

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  1. Hey nn I love your game so much but there is a weird glitch so when I log in I play for like 30 secs then it goes back to my Home Screen on my iPad ? Plz help

  2. I have been a legannd since sabre was on the ellen show im so exited for it on samsung😁😁 love tpu norris nuts can wait your the best yt family i know❤❤

  3. the norris uts try so hard legands we should send them a huge card with chocolates but i will need a legand in australia to past it for me say world of pets if you are in on the plan

  4. I put my email and password in and then my name but it says action failed-game not available
    Please ty and fix it I want to play with u
    Your my favourite ytubers everrrrr

  5. Hey Norris nut jus wanted to kindly ask you to pls make a report button for people cause my friend got scammed and the person said that she would give her a cosmic pet for all 3 of her pets and left after my friend gave em to her but my friend was smart enough to follow her before she left this way when she joined the server she was in and purposefully told everyone that my freind was a scammer and hacker . Pls make this post public cause I hate for it to happen to anyone else

  6. You guys are literally my idols when me and my sis heard my mom said u can buy NN FaShOiN we were jumping up and down QATAR LEGENDS LULU AND AISHA

  7. It’s rlly fun! But when I play it I’ve got just like a black shadow screen I can’t see my character it’s just a shady black and stuff but ya! I named my Guinea pig nazzy!

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