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The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes – Tanıtım Fragmanı


Yeraltının derinliklerine gömülü, beklenmedik bir şey bekliyor… Irak, 2003. Zagros dağlarının gölgesinde bir askeri birlik Irak kuvvetleri tarafından ateş altına alındı. .

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  1. Omg i said every ace combat game every thing but free flight if you look behind
    There is the thing on your back if there is the runway you can land
    And ace combat game and ace combat plane i want all plane.

  2. Idk why but the location doesnt feel scary at all. Maybe its because the people this time seem to be geared up with guns and everything. Not sure how it scary that can be

  3. Alas, after the developers stopped cooperating with Sony, the lack of major funding, and strict control from above, gives disastrous results in terms of images, and in terms of animation, especially faces, and, although it is too early to judge, but the two previous parts of the anthology give the right to preliminary conclusions in terms of gameplay. I see, and the problem of the uncanny valley has not gone away. But I hope the characters won't smile. When smiles are most noticeable. Even in cool and expensive games, smiles sometimes look creepy.

  4. Why they use Egyptian Arabic !!! 😡 it’s sooo ugly If the story of the game in Iraq Why did they not use the Mesopotamian dialect (iraqi) Disney movies in Arab world it’s not popular because Disney use Egyptian Arabic in “dub” Sony did the same thing the Spiderman miles morales game The results nobody use Arabic dub

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