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Starfield: Resmi Teaser Fragmanı


Starfield, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim ve Fallout 4’ün ödüllü yaratıcıları Bethesda Game Studios’tan 25 yıl sonra ilk yeni evren.

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  1. its not out till the end of next year…now we have to put up with the 'starfield hypetrain' for the next 18 months,only to end up with 'startfield 76'….do not ,under any circumstances,pre-order this.

  2. Makes me sad to see a wonderful trailer like this and the real game being a deception. Hope that's not the case here . Love space games.

  3. 25 years in the making? I believe it, the graphics prove it. You mean you re-skinned Skyrim after NMS pulled out of it's tailspin. Neat, but we have seen that one.

  4. For any Karen’s about to complain or already have, this is a TEASER trailer, it’s not meant to be a blow out of information, but there’s a handful of subtle information within the video and some Easter eggs. There’ll be more to show until release, you won’t get everything in one sitting otherwise they’ll have nothing to show before release. Patience! Also, ps fanboys can suck it🤣🤣🤣

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