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Shin Megami Tensei V –Oyun Fragmanı –Nintendo Switch


Tanrılık Bekliyor. Shin Megami Tensei V 12 Kasım 2021’de yalnızca Nintendo Switch’te çıktığında tahtınızı talep edin. Bugün ön sipariş verin: … .

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  1. All that waiting for this? This is extremely disappointing to me. I was hoping for something more in the spirit of the first game or at the very least not whatever this nonsense is. Why did they keep the stupid design for mermaid? The only thing that seems good is the music.

    The only surprising thing to me is that I can't see any direct influence from P5 on this (outside of the player-character having a stupid outfit), which I was sure was going to happen especially after Apocalypse seemed to be heading in that more soppy direction beforehand.

    It's nice to see that people seem to be excited but it's saddening for me to see it end up like this. I don't think it will be bad but I don't think it could be much less appealing to me.

  2. Man, the green demon with all the gold and such at 2:15 has to be Mammon. I know some people think it is Rags, but I mean, they are clearly not afraid to change some of the staple SMT figures this time around, with Sophia replacing Mido of all people.

  3. Oh hey Atlus finally learned how to make "good" graphics instead of "stylized" graphics. It looks okay. The main character looks like a young ripoff of Caius(?) from FFXIII-2. Are we sure he's a "young man?" It doesn't seem very inspired.

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