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Resident Evil Re: Verse – Tanıtım Fragmanı


Bu çevrimiçi çok oyunculu oyun, Resident Evil serisinin 25. yıl dönümü için hayranlara teşekkür etmek amacıyla oluşturuldu. Resident satın alanlara ücretsiz olarak sunulur ….

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  1. I don't understand why people disliked this ? I mean, its a random small-game made in addition of the main game, with the ability to play bio-organic weapons and fight against other players as these bio-organic weapons, its cool

  2. RE6 had amazing multiplayer, both competetive and co-op.
    Yet this shit won't do either well.
    I am going back to hunting a dinosaur transformer dude right before he turns into a giant fly

  3. This looks more promising than the ome that came with RE3. Hopefully they’ll build on it and make multiple different modes like co op modes and outbreak type modes. None of this will happen but it’s fun to imagine 👽

  4. Resident evil style gameplay and mechanics with A.I director and missions similar to left 4 dead.

    What dots do we need to connect here?

    I mean… it's literally frame worked, all you need to do outsource it and it'll still win.

    Capcom just wants to do its own thing, and hey more power to them I suppose, but it never feels like they are putting their heart in to their multiplayer games, it always feels tagged on or like a after thought, if they invested and made something I might not enjoy but was quality and loved I'd respect it

  5. After playing RE8, I have a feeling that Castle interior could be used for RE3 Clock Tower, Heisenberg factory could be used for RE3 dead factory. Looks like CAPCOM cut contents in RE3 to use them for RE8.

  6. Well I guess by now everybody knows that we got The Mercenaries back after all. Damn. Now I feel like an ass for complaining so much lol 😂

  7. I really hope this game turns out great. More characters,enemies,maps from previous games. REVerse can have it all and still work. But I really hope they listen to fan suggestions of a PvE mode. Resident Evil could definitely work with one if done properly

  8. CO-OP, people want co-op, survival, you can even make a left 4 dead clone with maps and characters from the re:engine games and everyone would be happy, why insist in making a shitty versus multiplayer? that´s not what resident evil is about!

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