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Red Dead Redemption 2 PC Fragmanı


PC için Red Dead Redemption 2, Arthur Morgan ve Van der Linde çetesinin destansı hikayesini nefes kesici yeni yollarla hayata geçiriyor – hiçbir eksiklik olmadan.

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  1. We're a long way East of land we know .. Far from real open country

    More and more civilization .. What a damn mess we're making of things

  2. its been a year when i first saw this trailer, so nostalgic with the music. i remember not recognizing a thing from the trailer but just being like "damn that looks so cool" now i recognize every location in this trailer and i just wanna forget it to experience it again

  3. One of the greatest game ever made in the history of gaming industry

    Thank you rockstar and thank you to whoever made this legendary trailer, its amazing

  4. Why would you write spoiler to the comments of a trailer video?? The person who wrote the end of the game to the comments, damn you. I didn't had a chance to play the game when it came out first and after 2 years I got a pc that finally could run rdr2. BUT I GOT SPOILER FROM SOME IDIOTS IN THE COMMENTS OF A TRAILER VIDEO.

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