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Metroid Korkunç Fragman | Nintendo E3 2021


Samus, Metroid Dread için geri dönüyor. En son Metroid fragmanında Samus, enerji patlamalarına karşı bağışıklığı olan robotlara karşı savaşmalıdır. Metroid Dread bir …

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  1. feels half assed compared to gamecube and wii i like classics but jeeze iv been waiting for a decent game to come out for the switch since it came out. all the fun games i can buy on other platforms the nintendo games seem way too childish these days

  2. Metroid 5 I cannot believe it yes yes I can't believe it this is so awesome I can't wait for this to come out I used to play Metroid Fusion when I was a little kid and I always love the the true original Metroid Cannon

  3. I would have preferred they make this game an open world type like the Metroid prime games. This one looks disappointing to me, won't be wasting my money on it.

  4. Aaawww yeah! A return to form for one of gaming’s best protagonists!

    (Hope this sells well. I don’t have a switch, so I hope people actually buys this.)

  5. looks kinda lack luster right out of the gate. like the used the metroid 2 redux engine from the 3ds and just built a new game for it and ported it straight to the switch. all she does is fight robots that are immune to her energy blasts? what? no metroid was never a sneak and survive. its always been a drop of a hat frontal assault. i dont think i will be buying this.

  6. Meh, extremely disappointed. This game looks like it took a huge step in the wrong direction. I loved the first person format of the Metroid Prime series and feel it should have transcended to the next level on the next gen. The lore and atmosphere of the Metroid Prime series was special. But this just feels like an HD SNES game. All this time for this? Smh

  7. OMG! It's a side scroller. They learned from Other M and went back to basics. I guess I'll miss the FPS of Prime, but this still looks good. And it looks like they are incorporating the horror survival aspect of Fusion. Welcome back, Lady.

  8. I’m very excited for this!!! As a Metroid fan it feels like I’m being thrown a bone finally. Would’ve been ok with even a port of Samus Returns, but this is better.

    Now what the fuck is going on with Prime 4 Nintendo???

  9. It's ironic that I like Metroidvania type games, but never got into the Metroid series. This is the first time I'm interested in a Metroid game.

  10. My fucking god, I was here a little disappointed because no Metroid Prime 4 and they pull something I just didn't expect, THEY CONTINUE WHERE FUSION LEFT OFF

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