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Jurassic Dünya Evrimi 2 | Duyuru Fragmanı


Jurassic World Evolution 2, 2021’de Çığır açan ve sürükleyici 2018 yönetim simülasyonunu temel alan Jurassic World Evolution 2 …

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  1. I paid almost 70$ to buy shitty JWE1 … Frontier should provide some discount for victims like me… I didnt expect a sucky game just for capturing wallpapers.. Shame on you guys

  2. My one wishlisted item is for Park Rangers to potentially be eaten when dino’s get loose. Might even make it a toggle to turn on and off. But needing to upgrade your rangers with better equip etc. as you get bigger predators would be so cool to add a little action to the genre.

  3. Was that ab amargasaurus running with the herbivores? And does this mean pteranodons can actually run free? Ooo this looks so good. I hope it's also not just the mosa for sea exhibits!

  4. Looks amazing, but forgive me frontier for being slightly wary of buying this before I see gameplay. I really enjoyed playing the first one (I even started again today), but there are many problems I am hoping this one fixes.

  5. wow i love jwe and i love how there is now a second game for me to mess up lol
    i can not wait for water dinos they look so coll don,t stop what you are doing love it

  6. So excited to see the new animations, fighting, hunting ( possibly in packs! ) I have high hopes for this game, looks like they're doing a great job at frontier

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