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“Downton Abbey” yaratıcısı ve “Gosford Park” yazarı Julian Fellowes’tan. Gerçek olaylara dayanan bu 19. yüzyıl draması, iki futbolcuyu zıtta takip ediyor ….

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  1. The founding of the "Ugly Game". Biff Tannen
    should go 'back to the future' and change this history that has given us probably the largest collection of cheats ever produced!

  2. i enjoyed this a lot, it was a great series.
    it kind of felt a little bit stretched with the "baby drama" but at the end i understood why the focus on the father. (in my mind is as he was the true fifa president)

    i wish netflix continues this to the pint of the first world cup!

    greeting from Mexico

  3. Great series, my wife and I binge-watched it in one night. Anyone know when "I Know When the Sun Rises" by Aloe Blacc & AG! is going to be released??…. it's been some time since the trailer and series release

  4. Lol..and here i was thinking the Aztecs originated this sport..its a lil different..but still..anyways..what a great….i loved it! 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

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