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Elit Tehlikeli: Uzay Serüveni | Öğle yemeği tanıtımı


Karaya çıkın ve galakside izinizi bırakın. Elite Dangerous: Odyssey, 19 Mayıs 2021’de PC’ye geliyor. Daha fazla Elite Dangerous haberi için bizi şu sitelerden takip edin: ….

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  1. The board meeting for this trailer:
    "You guys know the 'one small step' line that lance buzzstrong or whoever…"

    yeah yeah what about it?

    "We should do that."

    what do you mean? we should do what?

    "The quote"

    ok but what about the trailer and the new features and…

    "Yeah, I know, the trailer, we should do the quote."

    that's a good idea but there should be narration on new locales, atmospheric technology, thargoids, FPS guns and stuff, new sh…..

    "AH, I think I remember now, it goes 'One small step for man, one giant leap…'"

    sir you don't think we should tie that in somehow to what is on screen or what's in the update or really have some reason for usin….

    "Huh? no no no, quit getting off topic Jerry. The quote, the famos quote. It's nostalgia! Bitches love nostalgia."

  2. I've seen a fair whack of negative YouTube feedback; "gunplay isn't anything special", "instancing doesn't work well" etc.
    But damn it, I'm hyped for new planet tech, getting legs, new missions and whatnot. Sure, the FPS gameplay doesn't look like its the next best thing since sliced bread but…that's..not why I play Elite? It's gonna be a pretty sweet addon to a game I already love.

    My only gripe is that I'm in GMT+9, so I won't be able to play until Thursday evening (my time) because the update will happen tonight lol.

    Looking forward to seeing you all planetside, commanders. o7

  3. This truly is a leap in technology for E:D
    but I'm still only gonna buy this when ship cockpits can be walked around in (or whichever expansion that implements this)
    And hopefully the activities that can be done on foot are plenty before you fall into the grind loop and have a 2nd job in a videogame, but now ON FOOT!

  4. Since teleportation technology is now canon in the Elite universe, can we just instantly jump to anywhere in the galaxy we wish?
    I mean, keep the current means of transport for nostalgia, but being able to blink from one place to another would be super handy.

  5. I’ve still a long way to go since downloading 4 days ago, although I’ve managed to grind out 9m creds using a type-6 by doing boom missions near ray gateway

  6. You know, after playing this game since it started a kickstarter campaign in 2012; I feel like I really ended up getting my moneys worth; Each paid update sure started barebones but by the end of each I feel like the dev team honestly put in the hours to push things out;
    I hope its a smooth launch and that people stick this update out for all the goodies yet to come!

  7. Still what does this have that Star Citizen already does not hating the game I have both but apparently you won’t be able to play with Horizon people or vice versa while Star Citiizen yes it’s a alpha mess but even then you can do much more like ship walking space combat and more without paying for expansion after expansion and let’s face it they will make this free years later like they did Horizons I felt bad for the people who bought it when it came out only to be free like 3 years later

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