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ELDEN RING Oynanış Fragmanı YENİ (2022) 4K ULTRA HD


ELDEN RING Oynanış Fragmanı YENİ (2022) 4K ULTRA HD Yeni Fragmanlar 2021! Tüm Fragman Kliplerini Yakalamak İçin Oyun Kliplerine Abone Olun. .

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  1. TO ALL MY SOULSBOURNE VETERANS! and new ashen hunters.. we've slain twin princes, false gods, witches, and that unpleasant flame lurker! We've endured the trials of poisonous swamps and lava burning our heels.. rise if you would! For there is yet a new task.. for a new foe seeks our steel swords and magic. Rise with me once again and let's show elden ring no matter how many times we see the "you died" show up.. we will not back down! Rage not my friends!

  2. I know is gonna be great, it gonna be another solid game from Fromsoftware but it did not really blow my mind by anyway. I think because it resemble DK3 too much?? But as a Souls fan Im definitely getting this at fullprice!

  3. I hear people say that it should be an easy mode, I’m a reasonable and comprehensive soulsborne fan so fuck off, play candycrush little bitch. I’m joking btw 😂

  4. Okay here is my theory the guy with the thausend arms is the end boss and it was stadet that elden ring will be a bit BOTW like….so i would assume that he gets more body parts with every extra boss you kill or lose one….i got this tought because of the end scene where he has a dragon head for an arm…i mean it could be just a second form but he gets so much spottlight that i dont belive there is nothing spacial about him

  5. Can someone explain this game to me? Like is it a part of the darks souls series? Or something completely new? I'm trying to figure out if I want to play it

  6. But please stop with the Yggdrasil refferences. Berserk, God of War and now Elden Ring.
    Yes I agree, it's a very cool tree but I feel like I want it to be a bit more subtle the next time I see it.

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