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E3 2014 – Splatoon için Tanıtım Fragmanı


Splatoon için duyuru oyun fragmanına göz atın. Sadece Wii U’da oynayın! Daha fazla Splatoon ile dağınık olun: Göz atın ….

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  1. The game that probably changed the world…

    Obviously… tis explains why im using a profile pic of my oc, im only a part splatoon fan, you'll have to dig in deeper how i got into it…

  2. And they said the Wii U was a bad consol

    You wouldn’t be here if the Wii U wasn’t a thing
    You’d be on the 3DS Splatoon teaser trailer video instead

  3. Bro I miss the first splatoon so much bro Iam thinking about playing agian on the weekend it’s been A while Soooo before 3 comes I need to play agian 😀


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  5. We will always remember Splatoon 1-2 + The Octo Expansion and the amazing story modes, thank you Nintendo for such a awesome video game, i can't wait to play Splatoon 3 next year LOL XD

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