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DIABLO 4 Rogue Sinematik Fragman + Oynanış (2021)


DIABLO 4 Rogue Cinematic Trailer + Oynanış (2021) © 2021 – Blizzard. .

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  1. *shows barbarian being killed
    *"those monsters were a scourge to my flock"
    I wonder if Akarat worshippers had any hatred towards Barbarians and vice versa

  2. This class is still very demon hunter looking. The assassin from D2 was a lot more vulnerable and not blinking around the whole map like this. More raw, less magic-like. Its a shame the assassin will never get the redemption it deserves.

  3. I saw the trailer, the character felt like an insert in Diablo.

    We got necromancer, Druid, Sorceress, Witch doctors….

    then again, there was a kung fu trap Assassin in D2 expansion, so what do i know.

  4. Diablo is good game, problem is the development and developers.. They release it, we hype, play x amount of hours, we don't receive expansions, we abandon it. Comparison to Path of exile, developers from Diablo need to learn how to keep game interesting for players for many years.

  5. Who cares about her ear – She's bloody scrumptious! An exotic delicacy worth riotously devouring 24/7/365 days. A drop shall not be wasted as such a grievous act would be an unforgivable crime against nature.

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