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Date Warp – Oyun OP fragmanı


otome (GxB) görsel romanı Tarih Çözgü Oyunu web sayfası için açılış sekansı burada: .

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  1. Randomly came across this song and I'm getting hit with such nostalgia! I played this game over and over years ago and really loved it. Alben was my favourite. ❤

  2. Linds is my favorite. Though i love Alben too. Its hard to choose. I think i'd enjoy Linds's playfullness more. The game is easily worth 20 bucks. i've played it  So much….

  3. Do you mean 8 hours for one path with one guy or 8 hours to do all the paths?
    Because I honestly don't think I can spent 8 hours on one guys path.

  4. amazing game! i am replaying it for the third time(one time going bradley and the other alben) now im going through all of them to get the full story line. on rafael almost done with the whole story line! i love this game it is so amazing. but my ultimate favorite is albel <3

  5. @NommieSen ? I've played Time Hollow. The two games have almost nothing in common other than being anime-style visual novels… and since that's an entire genre you can say that for thousands of games. 🙂 (If you were thinking that the gameplay would involve holes in time just because of the gear-holes in the OP, then no. That's just random animation to make the opening look prettier.)

  6. woah, at first i wasn;t going to play the game because ti didn't like how the girl looked, but now watching this video, it actually seems kind of fun ahha ^_^) i should give this game a try, and making the game is very hard to make, takes up a lot of time and skills, so i believe 20$s is a really good deal!

  7. @gegi77 Omg,I actually didn't realise that u were the game developer! 😮
    And freeware? I actually don't know what that is or where i can find it or what you actually mean.^^'

  8. @Moonlightgirlful You download the full game by buying it from my website. You do realise I'm the game developer? 🙂 This is how I make my living. Money from sales goes to pay for more games being developed, as well as my rent and my groceries so I don't die. Buying games means that there are more games for everyone.

    If you can't afford to buy games, stick with freeware. Legal free games do exist!

  9. @Moonlightgirlful The legal game and demo come in an exe, you do not need winrar. If you have downloaded a rar, someone has probably sent you an illegal virus.

  10. @manda13hottopic around 8 hours my guess, it depends on your reading speed. And if you're strapped for cash, if you explore the secret parts of the hanako forums there's a way to get a discount.

  11. @96Blueberry dude his a creep, well thats what the game said while I played the demo, anyways he still creeps me like when he does that emotion on his face like he was suprised or somthin… >.<
    still he looks soo Cute when his angry XD

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