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Bendy and the Dark Revival – Resmi Oyun Fragmanı


Canlanma başladı. Bendy geri döner. .

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  1. Bruh Bendy is dead tbh…Used to be loved and so much,But people waited for years for a new chapter.If is what basically got people into lore games that have Horror and deep critic Lore to find out as you go deeper and deeper.Well It’s basically dead now,And resident evil came out soo…

  2. This looks like it plays identically to bioshock 1 with there being 1 powered hand in frame and one normal hand holding a weapon as you go through a gigantic and creepy unknown structure even destroying the ink monsters is extremely similar to saving the little sisters

  3. MatPat: “Bendy is over”

    Bendy: “Welcome to my horror show, now in stunning 3D! I bet you thought you've seen the last of me!”

    Version 2:

    MatPat: “Bendy is over”

    Bendy: “You may think I've gone, BUT I’M STILL HEEEEERE!!!!”

  4. I think she has some special ability that touch ink monster and vanished and the guy who talked wants to control her and take over her body to have that power for himself

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