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Battlefield 2042 – Resmi Oynanış Fragmanı | PS5, PS4


Battlefield™ 2042 resmi alfa öncesi oynanışına ilk bakışa göz atın! 22 Ekim 2021’den itibaren Battlefield™ 2042 oynayın. 128 oyuncu desteğiyle*, … .

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  1. A single player campaign is super needed for this game! As much as i enjoyed the mp i also loved bf4 campaign and i replayed it so many times. Graphic wise it was a huge jump from xbox360 to ps4/xone and i remember the trailer being such a big surprise with the guys almost getting chopped by the heli blades and the skyskraper collapsing

  2. The Battlefield series has climbed to the top so it can fall out of it, and now it's on its back and it's going for its crown, because the king can be one. Glory to the king!

  3. just think what will happen if it real be a war in 2042 in game we will have fun but in real life the pain will be out of this world

  4. We want local pricing in Turkey. Your playstore games are minimum twice as expensive than Steam. Most of my PS user friends past to PC or Xbox, because of expensive games. I think i made a mistake by buying a ps5.

  5. Oh neat this coming to PS4 as well, I thought it was only a Nex gen thing, then again who even owns a PS5, people can barely get that.

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