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AVATAR OYUN Fragmanı (2022) 4K ULTRA HD PS5/Xbox Series X/PC


AVATAR OYUN Fragmanı (2022) 4K ULTRA HD PS5/Xbox Series X/PC Videoyu beğendiyseniz lütfen Beğenip Yorum bırakmayı unutmayın, çok teşekkür ederim! .

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  1. The only reason I loves playstation exclusives is because these game developers are "serious" and they do really "focus" to meet the needs in the high end market. Conversely, if a game developers developed their products too generally (varies in products strategy). They might failed to compete with those who are able to give extra efforts(resource) while developing a new game.

  2. Ubisoft = 3 to 4 hrs of gameplay followed by all efforts put into multiplayer of terrains against panda rains. Why else show Star Wars battlefront immediately after?

  3. This game should be in third person 😕 or at least switchable between 1 n 3 for those who wants to play in 1 it would be much better. Be able to see this 3 meter tall blue alien, come on

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