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Advance Wars 1+2: Re-Boot Camp – Duyuru Fragmanı – Nintendo Direct | E3 2021


İLERİ SAVAŞLAR. DIR-DİR. GERİ. İlk Advance Wars ve Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising kampanyaları, sıfırdan tamamen yeniden oluşturulmuş tek bir pakette geri dönüyor… .

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  1. Really hoping they change the weird After Effects-y idle and in-map, main mission, AND overworld character dialogue animations and hand/digitally-animate those like they did for literally only the Powers and Super Powers so far (given AW2)…bc I get what they're going for, but they look busted. :/

  2. Hmm, wonder if fire emblem 6 and 7 could have same type of animation, but instead of a toy board thing, it be on a board where figures would look like leaders of battalions on a war map.

  3. yeah baby thats what ive been waiting for woooooooooooo in so hype for the 3 and of course the 4 is obviously underrated due his history and difficulty i'd love to see his announcement

  4. One thing i hope in this game like a secret level or mission
    to be able get the looks and sounds of the original from the game boy
    like in cuphead where it can go from color too black and white

  5. Why not just make a new Advance Wars game, like I dunno, Advance Wars 3? What about Battalion wars? It's like Nintendo wants to fail at this point.

  6. i'm so happy to have this series back, but… the art style doesn't vibe with me at all… i saw Eagle, my favorite character, and immediately thought "look how they massacred by boy" :/ they all look so… round and soft now, not like the more sharply drawn, badass war commanders i remember

  7. Where they messed up was not scrapping the whole plot with the first DS release and calling it DS Wars. A la Famicom Wars, Super Famicom Wars, etc… But nevertheless, I freaking love this!! I love it! I love it!!

  8. I've been waiting for anything Advanced Wars'y since Days of Ruin. Better late than never!
    Even though I played the campaigns in 1 & 2 a couple of times, I'm ready to do it again! Definitely one of my favorite handheld franchises!

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