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­čÄą YILDIZ SAVA┼×LARI: SON JED─░ (2017) | Tam Film Fragman─▒ | Full HD | 1080p


Rey, g├╝├žlerinin g├╝c├╝nden rahats─▒z olan Luke Skywalker’─▒n rehberli─činde yeni ke┼čfedilen yeteneklerini geli┼čtirir. Bu arada, Direni┼č ….

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  1. Here is how this Last Jedi should have went down: Luke was on the island because he fell in love with a woman and she was killed and her death made him so angry that he became a threat to the universe because he felt himself slipping to the dark side because as Yoda said "Anger and attachment leads to the dark side".

    So he went to the Island to meditate and try to conquer his anger (which ties in to his back story because he was always a bit angry) but then Rey comes and tells him about the First Order, asking for training and after some convincing he trains her, but there's risk involved: every now and then (when Rey brings up his wife or challenges him) he gets angry, his eyes turn yellow and he shows signs of being a Sith.

    Rey realises that Snoke is looking for Luke to make him a Sith lord and she knows that Luke may need to die – so she tries to kill him and…he allows her to…he wants to die….but she can't do it, instead she tries to help him channel his anger in a positive way – uniting the sith and Jedi within, but Luke knows it's a dangerous method never used before but it's one Rey believes in – the union of light and dark. Slowly Luke begins to love Rey like a daughter. During training Rey communicates with Kylo and they fall in love.

    Rey goes away to fight the First Order and meet with Kylo Ren thinking that their love is strong but he betrays her and tries to kill her but before he can Luke shows up and saves her – but she's mortally wounded and needs intensive care. The Last Jedi ends like this.

    This leads into the rise of Skywalker and Rey has recovered but she still has a some wound from Kylo (perhaps he stabbed her in the heart with a light sabre and she now has a bionic heart or something.) She's still in love with Kylo and believes he loves her too — because of the betrayal Rey now has serious anger and every now and then gets the Sith yellow eyes, slipping into the dark side. Kylo Ren tries to make her do it, telling her they can be together forever if she joins him in the dark side.

    By the end she does join Ren and Snoke in the dark side but then Luke shows up TO SAVE HER SOUL! Like he did with his father. Luke and Snoke get into a battle while Rey and Kylo also get into a battle. Luke kills Snoke but almost kills himself in the process. Rey kills Kylo and her love for him and gets Luke away but he dies in her arms, thanking her for redeeming his faith.

    In conclusion the new saga is a galactic love story between them Kylo and Rey and a redemption of faith story for Luke. There Disney, how hard was that?

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