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­čÄą MAVERICK (1994) | Tam Film Fragman─▒ | Full HD | 1080p


Bir poker turnuvas─▒ i├žin paraya ihtiyac─▒ olan Bret Maverick, b├╝y├╝leyici bir kad─▒n h─▒rs─▒z da dahil olmak ├╝zere ├že┼čitli komik talihsizlikler ve zorluklarla kar┼č─▒la┼č─▒r. Y├Ânetmen: Richard ….

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  1. Marcy from Married with children (a 90's comedy sitcom) is also gay… damn good actors.
    Mel and Jodie also made a movie together called The Beaver…
    Not a porn flick.
    Look it up you dirty-minded person you…=p

  2. Most of the time when they take a great old TV show and make a movie out of it, the movie is awful by comparison. This was an exception. It really did the TV show justice, especially with James Garner returning to be a part of it. Still a favorite of mine!

  3. Before she was gay…. & also coincidentally when she could act. Something about her becoming a lesbian made her seem… less genuine. I actually believed she liked men. Now I don't. I don't think she cares enough to even try to fool anyone anymore.

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